August 29th, 2014

What do you mean your Vacation Bible School didn’t feature a hammock-making class? #1913

August 28th, 2014

#tbt…some floppies from the 80s discovered in the Archives. Any guesses as to their contents?

August 22nd, 2014

Late summer color. Threatening rain. (at Trinity Church (Manhattan))

August 22nd, 2014


Parishioners of Holy Communion deliver food and hygiene items to St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church Food Pantry as well as to a food drive run by Alumni of McCluer High School, both in Ferguson, MIssouri. Photo taken August 17, 2014.

#Ferguson #peace #justice #rebuilding

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August 18th, 2014

Father Mark preached with his hands up yesterday. Watch here: #ferguson (at Trinity Church (Manhattan))

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Founded in 1697, Trinity Church is a vibrant Episcopal parish, where daily worship services form the heart of our Christian identity.

Trinity is a grant-making organization, streaming funds throughout the city and the world, as well as a resource for Lower Manhattan's commuters and tourists, who find inspirational music within its walls.

Through its congregational staff and maintenance teams, it is a sacred oasis amid the busy downtown streets.

It is an important player in the world of New York City commercial realty, and home to an award-winning preschool. It is the home to the committees, guilds, and task-forces of a congregation committed to bringing God's Kingdom to this world.

Trinity also sponsors an annual national theological conference that gathers top thinkers to the church nave, and a series of related small group gatherings, meetings, and classes for Christian formation. Also part of the Trinity family is this award-winning website.

Trinity is a center for many mentally-ill, and a home for the elderly and disabled. It is also the home of St. Paul's Chapel, the "little chapel that stood" after September 11, which now serves as a congregation for peace and reconciliation.

If you are traveling to New York City, feel free to stop by our Welcome Center and Museum. Otherwise, continue browsing these pages, learning more about the parish.